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Saturday, 10 November 2018

5G Wireless Technology its introduction & brief.

5G Wireless Technology its introduction & brief.

5G Technology


Currently, in Network Technology one of the most talked terms is 5G Networks,  Although it is well informed that 5G is going to be launch by 2020 but still a lot of buzz about its upcoming features, additional benefits in comparison to 4G, resources required to implement the 5G. 5G will impact the entire Mobile Network and brings in a new era of technology. 5G is going to be more than the next generation Network Technology, it will combine the concept of the Internet of Things. Though it is specified that the 5G Network will be based on the IEEE 802.11 ac standard of broadband technology, but still the formal standard for 5G is yet to propose. The main aim of 5G research and development is to provide a higher speed of internet at a lesser cost, reduce battery drainage, lower latency, to increase the security and connectivity for a large community. 

5G simply refers to the next and newest mobile wireless standard based on the IEEE 802.11ac standard of broadband technology. We can say that – 5G Wireless Technology denotes the proposed next major phase of mobile telecommunications standards beyond the current 4G standards. Rather than faster Internet connection speeds, 5G planning aims at a higher capacity than current 4G, allowing a higher number of mobile broadband users per area unit, and allowing consumption of higher or unlimited data quantities in gigabyte per minute and user. This would make it feasible for a large portion of the population to consume high-quality streaming media many hours per day on their mobile devices, also when out of reach of wifi hotspots. 5G research and development also aim at the improved support of machine to machine communication, also known as the Internet of things, aiming at lower cost, lower battery consumption, and lower latency than 4G equipment.

Although it is too early to decide on what exactly 5G wireless technology is and its offerings, we can conclude on following basic requirements to fulfill 5G Wireless Technology:
  • High & increased peak bit rate (Up to 10Gbps connections to endpoints in the field)
  • Efficient use of energy in devices
  • Larger data volume per unit area (i.e. high system spectral efficiency)
  • High capacity to allow more devices connectivity concurrently and instantaneously (100percent coverage)
  • More bandwidth.
  • Lower battery consumption.
  • Better connectivity irrespective of the geographic region, in which you are.
  • Larger number of supporting devices (10 to 100x number of connected devices).
  • Lower cost of infrastructural development.
  • Higher reliability of the communications (One millisecond end-to-end round trip delay).
With a huge array of innovative features, now your smartphone would be more parallel to the laptop. You can use broadband internet connection; other significant features that fascinate people are more gaming options, wider multimedia options, connectivity everywhere, zero latency, faster response time, and high-quality sound and HD video can be transferred to another cell phone without compromising the quality of audio and video.

The most distinguishing feature of 5G Network is that the network will be based on the User experience, System Performance, enhanced performance, business models and Management & Operations. 5G will utilize the advance access technologies such as Beam Division Multiple Access (BDMA) and Non and quasi-orthogonal or Filter Bank Multicarrier (FBMC) Multiple Access. The new advanced technology called Fog Computing is going to support the 5G development, this will help in achieving the low latency, high mobility, high scalability and real-time execution. 

5G Wireless Technology uses UWB (Ultra Wide Band) networks with higher Band Width at low energy levels. Band Width is of 4000 Mbps, which is 400 times faster than today’s wireless networks. It uses a smart antenna and CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access). 5G will be the single unified standard for different wireless networks, including LAN technologies, LAN/WAN, WWWW – World Wide Wireless Web, unified IP & seamless combination of broadband. It follows Master Core technology to be operated in parallel multimode including all IP network mode and 5G network mode. In this mode (as shown in the image given below), it controls all network technologies of RAN and Different Access Networks (DAT). Any service mode can be opened under 5G New Deployment Mode as World Combination Service Mode (WCSM). WCSM is a wonderful feature of this technology; for example, if a teacher writes on the whiteboard in a country – it can be displayed on another whiteboard in any other part of the world besides conversation and video. Further, new services can be easily added through parallel multimode service.

Three key question about 5G and answers by an expert team of Bell Lab:

Q1- 5G is still a few years away, why should operators care about it now?
Expert views – Launching a new wireless technology requires huge investment and very good planning for its successful implementation. Here, planning will include business plans, a new type of services and definitely low cost for users with advanced features. Here as it is planned to embed the critical support, environmental support, Internet of Thing concept and other diverse features in 5G, so it will require planned infrastructure support. If operators are not going to care now then at its launching they will face huge business loss.
Q2- What is the best way to build the 5G Network?
Expert views – The first step will be to assess the current technologies, how they fit in use cases for the proposed 5G technology, once the use cases and business model is created then it is required to set the parameters for the technology transition, then the next step will be the implementation of this transition. For this transition the most important requirement is proper training, developing the advanced skill for working on this technology. For this, it is required to develop the right operational processes and technological tools.
Q3- What are the key technology challenges that must be addressed?
Expert views – Firstly, it will be required to develop the Telco cloud that supports the network slicing in which the service configuration can be properly adjusted with different needs. Secondly, the 5G will be demanding in terms of transport network capabilities, both in terms of capacity and resiliency. With this, it is important to deploy the radio access network to support the features of 5G. In this process, the key challenge will be densification of sites, for this 5G will use the higher spectrum bands. Another challenge will be the optimization of the network, for this the study of end-user assessment is required to assess the quality work.
How are the countries preparing for the 5G launch? Although it was the U.S. who won the race of launching the 4G, now there are many countries who are working hard to launch the 5G in their country first. Here is a preview of how these prominent countries are preparing for the launch of 5G.


5G Wireless Technology is more intelligent technology, which will interconnect the entire world without limits. It is designed to provide unbelievable and extraordinary data capabilities, unhindered call volumes, and vast data broadcast. Our world would have universal and uninterrupted access to information, communication, and entertainment that will open a new dimension to our lives and will change our lifestyle meaningfully. Moreover, governments and regulators can use this technology as an opportunity for the good governance and can create healthier environments, which will definitely encourage continuing investment in 5G, the next generation technology.
It is expected that the implementation of 5G Wireless Technology would take four more years from now to make it usable for the people. We need more time to develop its functionality. We need more research on its users and security. The speed, it is promised to serve is hard to achieve and we need high infrastructure for 5G wireless technology Deployment. So, we can see there are various challenges to overcome. So we can expect its deployment in 2020. Currently, the United States and South Korea are leading in the implementation of 5G. The South Korean government has reportedly invested $1.5billion in 5G research and promised a trial of 5G in 2017.
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